Recipe4win 1.0

Navigate through a variety of recipes


  • Easy to navigate


  • Slow
  • No configuration options
  • Poor selection of recipes
  • Ugly design

Not good

When I realized that Recipe4win was one of the most popular cooking programs on Softonic, I decided that it really needed a review. Boy, am I glad I did, because at least I can now warn prospective users that it's a pretty poor option.

The Recipe4win app is basically a mini-browser that gives you access to www. recipe4all. com. You can search recipes by ingredient or name, or browse through a click-through map of the world, a Glossary or the website's home page.

Recipe4win shares the same layout and design as recipe4all - it's very basic and old-fashioned, and at times it is hard to tell what's a recipe and what's an ad.

Recipe4win has no configuration options at all and the variety of recipes (they claim to have every recipe in the world) seemed really limited.

The program is a very restricted version of the website, and when you consider that the website's not even that great, this way below average app doesn't hold much attraction at all.

Recipe4win lets you navigate through thousands recipes from the Recipe4all. com database with a neat interface. It allows you to search recipes by keywords, by ingredients, or by geography.



Recipe4win 1.0

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